Navigator Control System
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Switch effortlessly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, our no-tools required modular harness loop replacement system. The Navigator Control System connects you intuitively to your kite, using industry-leading SK99 Dyneema lines from Liros for precise performance. The 2022 Connect Quick Release and leash now complies with ISO Standard 21853:2020. Faster, safer release and intuitive single-action reload in all conditions. Available in three sizes, the refined ergonomic design offers durability, comfort and tactile control. Knowing your kite's position just became second nature.
22m lines have a split at 12m, which is far enough for the bar to travel to completely depower our largest kite when you flag out. Remove the standard 10m top section of flying line and 12m lines are ideal for schools to teach with and for foil racing. 8m and 6m line extensions are available as an accessory for wave riding or tighter kiteloops. : Ensure you always set up your flying lines correctly. Designed to be exactly the same length so you can easily change the front (knotted end) and rear (lark's head loop) connectors to match most other manufacturers' kite configurations. Please familiarise yourself with the safety procedures and trimming instructions outlined in your kite’s user manual. 
The Navigator Control System is supplied with a premium quality freeride Leash with a high load carabiner, soft neoprene cover and non-abrasive elasticised webbing. The leash QR mechanism has been modified to ensure correct orientation is maintained when released for consistent, safe release and reload. : Top quality German-made extremely high wear Dyneema depower and trim line with a special impregnation coating for resistance to abrasion. 
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